You will need
  • - passport;
  • - access to the Internet;
If you are close to the salons customer service of MTS, it is possible to consult the experts. But you need to have a passport.
Another remote way via Internet. With the help of the global web, you will be able to carry out all steps independently. In order to use the service go to:
In the opened window, locate the entrance to the private office. Usually it is in the lower-right corner of the website. In the information field, enter the phone number and password. If you first went into the personal account, and you have no password, please send USSD-request to short number *111*25#, and then in the form of an SMS message, you will receive your password.
In the personal Cabinet there is a link to "Control costs". In this menu you will find a number of proposals from companies, including the button - "call details". Clicking it will take you to the next menu.
The system prompts you to enter the period for which you want information. It should be noted that with the help of Internet you can get information on calls made before six months ago. There in the menu the shipping method detail, HTML or Exel. Selecting, specify the email address from the correctness of the information entered will depend on the result of sending.
For most customers the company service is free of charge, but for further information, refer to the experts on number 0890.
The company also has recently introduced the service "5 paid actions". Using it you can request a detail for the last 5 paid actions, dial on your phone *152*1#. Within a few minutes you downcast an SMS message with detailed information - the service is also free of charge.