You will need
  • Internet access and working e-mail Inbox.
First, decide what type of detail you would like to order. There are three types of reports:
1. Account. This file contains information of a General nature and as such detail is not there.
2. One-time specification. This is the full transcript of calls, SMS and Internet. But in one detail there is no mention about monthly fees, auxiliary services, and other options, so a single detail can't be fully be considered to be comprehensive.
3. Periodic detailing is the most complete and clear report that contains General information for all services (account), and a transcript of phone calls (detail).
Go to the website <em>MTS</em> and select the report form
Once you decide the type of report, visit the website of the mobile operator MTS at and click on the "Internet Assistant".
Internet Assistant convenient service
Then enter your mobile number and enter the password to enter the "Internet Assistant". If you don't already have a password, type in your mobile free combination *111*25#.
Enter the phone number
Then click on "Control costs" and you'll get a menu.
Click the “cost Control"
In the submenu, click "expenditure for the current month.
Click on the “Expenditure for the current month”
Choose the method of delivery of the report. This submenu Way of delivery by email" enter your email address.
Delivery method - email
Then select the format of the delivered report HTML.
The format of the delivered report “HTML”
Go to your email Inbox. File with details of calls have already come.