One of operators that provides its customers with a service that is "MegaFon". Its subscribers can enjoy a detailed account, referring to one of the shops or in the office. By the way, in person will need to have a identity document. The administration application is available in another way, i.e. through self-service system called "Service Guide". It is easy to find on the official website of "MegaFon". As soon as the service is activated, you will have access to information about the time of sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages, calls, their type, incoming and outgoing calls and much more.
The operator "MTS" also allows subscribers to use the "bill details". You can use it to access information about what you have done for the last three days, for example, funds are debited from the account held GPRS sessions, the cost of calls and messages (SMS and MMS). However, the granularity does not allow to obtain information on connection and disconnection of those services, tariff plan change. To activate this free service, dial USSD *111*551# or send an SMS with the code 551 on number 1771. Connection is also available on the "Mobile portal". To use drillthrough, type on the keyboard of your mobile a USSD-request *111*556# or send to the specified number 1771 a text 556. Please note that the subscription fee for the service no.
In the "Beeline" to use the detail account is also quite simple. In that case, if you are a subscriber of postpaid system, get the detail right on the company's official website or send your written application by Fax (495) 974-5996. Send applications exist and the email address The activation cost will be from 30 to 60 roubles. The users prepaid for service connection should contact the nearest salon, office or visit the website of the operator.