Users of a network "the Megaphone" can prompt the operator when a service called "bill details" using the self-service system Service Guide. Her search will not take you much time because you only need to visit the official company website and enter it in the appropriate section. By the way, all the topics are listed on the main page on the left. Also remember that you can always contact any of the salons of communication "MegaFon", or in technical customer support.
Getting details of customer's account by the operator "MTS" is possible thanks to a special USSD number: *111*551#. With it you can learn what action had been produced from your mobile for the last three days. In addition, all subscribers to the short number 1771, which need to send SMS. In the text of this message, you must specify the code 551. "Mobile portal" also allows you to get the information you need on the account. After service connection "Detail" dial on the phone keypad the number 556 and send it to a specified number 1771 (it will allow to use the service, that is, a drilldown).
The company "Beeline" customers can also request the detail of his account. In other words, any subscriber can obtain information on the duration of made calls (and incoming, and outgoing), date, type (if it was, for example, a call from a mobile phone service or landline). In addition, there is the opportunity to learn about the value of all sent messages, talks, and even spent about GPRS sessions. For more detail, the user of postpaid system needs to go to the appropriate section of the company website or to send by Fax a written statement (number (495) 974-5996). For customers prepaid are also available on the website. At any time you can ask for help and to the salon communication "Beeline".