The company "MTS" provides its customers a service called "Mobile detailing". It allows you to obtain detailed information not only on incoming and outgoing calls based on time, numbers, type of calls etc), but also on SMS and MMS messages that are held GPRS-sessions, charged from the account tools and much more. In order to use the service, subscribers can access the Mobile portal, type the command *111*551#, *111*556# or send a message by number 1771 with the text 551. Connect the "Mobile detailing" for free, no subscription fee.
Subscribers of the operator "MTS" can also apply directly at the company's office, salon or to the dealer. However, a personal visit to one of these places will need to have a document certifying the identity (passport). It is also possible that you first have to write a letter to the company with request to provide detail of the account.
This service provide other operator. In "the Megaphone" for example, you can use it with a "Service Guide" on the official website of the company, as well as contacting the customer support center. "Beeline" provides "Detail" when submitting an electronic application on or by Fax (495) 974-5996. For use the operator will write off the amount from 30 to 60 rubles.