Advice 1: How to get call details of MTS

Detailing calls is undoubtedly the service required. Thanks to him, you can learn about the dialed and incoming numbers, duration of calls, time of sending their cost. This service is not uncommon, it provide its customers with a mobile company "MTS".
How to get call details of MTS
The company "MTS" provides its customers a service called "Mobile detailing". It allows you to obtain detailed information not only on incoming and outgoing calls based on time, numbers, type of calls etc), but also on SMS and MMS messages that are held GPRS-sessions, charged from the account tools and much more. In order to use the service, subscribers can access the Mobile portal, type the command *111*551#, *111*556# or send a message by number 1771 with the text 551. Connect the "Mobile detailing" for free, no subscription fee.
Subscribers of the operator "MTS" can also apply directly at the company's office, salon or to the dealer. However, a personal visit to one of these places will need to have a document certifying the identity (passport). It is also possible that you first have to write a letter to the company with request to provide detail of the account.
This service provide other operator. In "the Megaphone" for example, you can use it with a "Service Guide" on the official website of the company, as well as contacting the customer support center. "Beeline" provides "Detail" when submitting an electronic application on or by Fax (495) 974-5996. For use the operator will write off the amount from 30 to 60 rubles.

Advice 2: How to know the call details on the Megaphone

The opportunity to learn the detail of calls on the Megaphone provided to every subscriber of this operator. To find out your costs on mobile communication, it is sufficient to request the service on a paid or free basis.
The man with the mobile phone receives a call detail record
You can learn the details of calls on the Megaphone using one of several official services such as "Single detail", "Periodic-detail" and "Express detailing". To figure out your spending over the any period of time (not exceeding six months) order your "Single detail". This will help you to online assistant "Service Guide". Open site and in the section "personal account", click "Single detail", by selecting one of the methods of producing printing costs, for example, by email or Fax.
Call to the short number technical support operator 0505. Selecting the appropriate number in the voice menu, you will be able to get details of calls on the Megaphone. Also you can use USSD-command *105*8033#, selecting the send statistics to the email address which you specified in the "Service Guide". A one-time treatment to the specification of Megaphone will not cost you anything.
Activate "Periodic-detail". You can get details on the monthly Megaphone. The monthly fee for the service is 90 rubles. To connect dial 0500, or select the appropriate item in the "Service Guide".
To use the "Express detailing" can only subscribers of MegaFon in the Moscow region. The convenience lies in the fact that the data are available for 7 days. Order the service through special commands *113# or send a message with your e-mail address to the short number 5039. Each request will cost you about 21 rubles.
To know the details of calls on the Megaphone, you can visit any post office office of the cellular operator. You need to provide the passport of the owner of this room. Please note that in case of need to know data on expenditures for six months or more, or otherwise you'll have to contact the office of the company.

Advice 3: How to make the detail of calls in MTS: detailed recommendations

Among all the opportunities offered by the mobile operator, there is a service "call Detail record", which involves obtaining information for a certain period on all calls, messages, account replenishment and funds withdrawal. To quickly obtain the data of interest, you must know how to request an itemized bill.
How to make the detail of calls in MTS: detailed recommendations

To obtain detailed phone records MTS is very simple, you just need to follow the recommendations of the operator. There are several ways to get details of calls to MTS: use the services of the official website or contact the service center.

On the website of the operator, each subscriber is provided the possibility of account management and tracking cash flow. View detailed information about calls, using Internet-helper. To do this:

  1. Register on the site via the proposed form. To receive the password for access to your personal account you need to dial the command *111*25#.
  2. To log into your account with the phone number and password.
  3. Choose from the list of proposed services the tab "cost Control" and then open the folder, click on the "call details".
  4. Next, you should indicate the period for which the necessary detailed information, but it must be within six months.
  5. In conclusion, you should choose how to send the report to Inbox (after putting e-mail in HTML format.

Is a paid service, its cost is determined by the billing plan that is subscribed to by the subscriber, and urgency of obtaining the printout.

However, you can view General information related to the period. To do this in your office, go to the folder "Control costs". The page displays calls received and made in all directions, sent and received messages, data, subscriptions, periodic services, as well as the total Fund balances at the beginning and end of the period.

If you can not or do not have enough knowledge to go to the website operator, then records need to contact the office of MTS. The consultant will help to make a statement and take his passport. The call details will be furnished in the report, you can get immediately – it will take a few minutes.

The report provides detailed decoding flow of funds for calls, SMS, supplementary services, and the balance of the account for a specified period. But account information can only be obtained for the previous period, that is, over the past month. Therefore, the results of the negotiations a week ago can not be found.

It is important to understand that you can make a request call details only of your room. Attempts to get other people's phone records are considered invasion of privacy and punishable by law.

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