Being a subscriber of MTS, the order detail on the website of the company. Go to the official website of MTS, if necessary register and visit your personal Cabinet. Click on "bill details" and select sms. On the screen you will see information about date, time and phone number to which it was sent. In addition, you can view information about communication services, the GPRS-session, MMS, voice service. Will not be included in the report information about deactivating, activating and setting up of services, tariff plan change.
You can also order the "Mobile detailing". On your phone dial *111*551# and press the call key. Send a message 551 on number 1771. Use the "Mobile portal". To do this, send a text message 556 to the number 1771. To connect these services, you can absolutely free, and will not be charged the monthly fee.
MTS subscriber, like any other operator, has the ability to order itemized bill by contacting your nearest salon or office. To obtain the required information you must provide to the consultant contract for the provision of services and identity document. If all documents are in order, you will be given a printout, which will contain all the necessary information.
You can display the messages in your phone, print it with the help of special software that is included with the phone. Check whether you have such a program, as it included not every mobile phone. Install the program on your computer, restart the system. After that open the program and using USB cable connect your phone to PC. Select sms. Select all the messages at once, click print.