Advice 1: How to remove the driver for your network card

There are cases that the network card does not recognize any connected equipment. To fix the problem, you need to uninstall the driver for the network card and put in new ones. Of course, to install a new driverbut not necessarily delete the old one, but then it may be the case of incompatibility between the drivers and simply impossible to put a newer version of the driverand without removing the old ones.
How to remove the driver for your network card
You will need
  • Computer, network card
To remove the driver of network card is necessary, depending on the manner in which it was installed. If you have installed the driverand the network card from the disk, then it should be deleted using "setting and removal of programs". Such version drivers are installed together with additional components which extend the functionality of the device, and therefore are recognized by the system as programs.
The documentation for the computer, locate the name of a network card, make note of it. Click "start", select "control Panel", find the line "add or remove programs. In the list of programs looking for a program, whose name partially or fully match the name of the network card. Select this program. From a list of possible actions, select the action "Remove". At the end of the uninstallation process prompted to reboot the computer. Reboot. After reboot the network driver is removed.
The second method of removal will fit in the case if you did not install any driverfor the network card. Then on your computer system driver network card. Click on the icon "My computer" on the desktop, or select "My computer" through "start" command. In the ensuing shortcut menu, click Properties. Then find the line "device Manager". Look for the tab "Network adapters". Depending on the operating system you are using, this section may have a different name, e.g., "Network equipment" or "Network card".
Opposite this section is an arrow. Click on it. Opens the name of a network cardthat is installed on the computer. Click on it right mouse button. In the opened context menu select "Properties". Click on the tab "Driver". A list of operations that can be performed with the driverom the device. Click "Delete". After removing again to agree to restart the computer. Depending on the equipment installed, a computer restart is not always required. So, if at the end removal is not an offer to restart the computer, it doesn't mean that something is wrong. The driver will still be deleted.

Advice 2: How to install network card driver

If your machine running very "slow", and after starting in the lower left corner there is an icon of two computers with an exclamation mark, it means that you have not configured your network connection, or driver is not installed for the network card. The network card drivers you need to install, even if you are not going to use it. Otherwise, your computer will regularly freeze and there will be serious failures in work of programs.
The network card drivers you need to install, even if you are not going to use it
Locate the icon "my computer", click right mouse button on the icon in the drop-down menu, select "device Manager". A window will appear in which you will see "network adapters".
How to install network card driver
Click the right mouse button on the words "network adapters". Select to update the driver. A window will appear in the wizard of the hardware update. Here it is proposed to automatically install the driver. Keep it as is and don't press anything. Next, focus, insert the floppy disk with the drivers that you have to be (it usually comes with the purchase of a computer). Now press "next". Searching for drivers.
After the program has found the driver, you are prompted to select the driver you want. Select, click "next". Is to install the driver. When finished, close the installation wizard.

Restart the computer and then configure the network connection.
How to install network card driver
The arc option. If a disk with drivers there is no need from another computer to get online and download the necessary driver.
The downloaded installation file driver for your network card, copy to your computer. Remember the location where you copied the driver. Do the steps in the first method. Only now in the new hardware wizard select "install from a list or specific location". Click "next".
How to install network card driver
Put a tick in "include this location in the search". And using the "browse" button select the location where you saved the copied network card drivers. Click next. Is to install the driver.
How to install network card driver
Useful advice
On the same principle to install the driver and not only on network map, but also on other devices.

Advice 3: How to remove network drive

Operating system Windows XP allows you to share network users to folders and drivesstored on a separate computer. The access is via the interface of the system itself or via the command line. There are several ways to create and delete network drives.
How to remove network drive
Method # 1.
• Open the start menu and select "Run...",
• Type cmd and click OK
• This will open the command prompt window. Type net use t: \imaginutrition, where t is the name of the created network drive
• To delete existing network drive, enter the command net use t: /delete, where t is the name of the removed disk.
Method # 2.
• In the context menu of "My computer", select "Explorer",
• In the menu "Tools" select "map network drive...",
• In the opened window, specify a name for the drive and path to the folder that you want to make public,
• To delete existing network drive in the tools menu select Disconnect network drive...".
Method # 3.
• Open My network places and click Entire network, click Microsoft Windows Network",
• Open domain, then the computer whose resources need to be shared,
• Select the resource and from the context menu, select "map network drive...",
• To delete an existing shared resource in the context menu, select "Disconnect network drive...".
When you remove (disconnect) network drive, you delete its icon from Explorer system.
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