If you delete a driver in connection with incorrect operation of the audio system, make sure that the failure is in the software. To do this, use the other speaker system for audio playback, for example, headphones. Also try playing the audio file on another media player. Also make sure that the sound card is properly connected to the appropriate connector on the motherboard and is in working condition.
Find the driver for your sound card in the list of installed programs, click install and remove programs in the control panel of the computer. Write down it's name. It will take you further not only to remove the folders created by the program, but to search for another software to replace it.
Follow the removal steps in the current menu, if the system will offer the option of uninstallation, select full. This will remove all user-specific settings of the sound card driver.
Restart the computer. Navigate to the directory Program Files on your local drive. Locate the folder with the name of your device driver that you copied. Also, the folder may be named according the name of the manufacturer. Remove all its contents.
If you have onboard sound card, find it in setup menu and remove programs its driver. Usually it is followed by a list of the software devices that is integrated, there needs to be the driver. Click on it uninstall and also select the method of deleting the program.
Just in case create a test system restore point before making changes like this to the computer. Also do this before installing the new driver.