Open the control panel of your computer and select "add or remove programs". Wait for the build list and find the name of the driver for your Bluetooth adapter.
Please note that at the moment needs to be closed all programs that require this driver; also he should not be run by any user the current operating system. In addition, the controller must be disabled or removed from the USB port of the computer.
Select it with the left mouse button, and select from the right side of the action "Remove", and then following the directions menu, navigate to the necessary items, and then restart the computer. Open the Program Files folder on your local drive and search the directories, as the name implies, the remote driver.
If there is, remove it. Also clean the registry of records of previously installed device driver Bluetooth adapter. Open it with Regedit and search for the name of the driver. Remove unnecessary entries.
Open device Manager of your computer. This is done in the menu of properties on the Hardware tab, or by pressing a combination of keys Win+PauseBreak. Find among wireless devices your Bluetooth adapter, click the right mouse button and in the properties select "Roll back driver".
Apply and save the changes, then restart the computer. This is also true in cases when the adapter is integrated in motherboard and for installation is not separate from it software. Its installation in the future can occur with the installation disk and using the Internet connection setup wizard hardware. In the event of a malfunction first time, just try to update the driver.