Specify the number of the caller, the conversation which you want to order. It is possible that for a while until you spoke, his home or business phone number has changed according to subjective (relocation, protection against telephone bullies) or objective (change PBX) reasons.
Compare the time of your call with the time zone of that city, the relationship with the resident where you want to go. This is especially important if you want to call for the service required to the office of another organization. However, individual subscribers are unlikely to appeal if their Wake up call at three in the morning. Except in cases of extreme necessity should not do it. Learn about what time zone the city is located the callee, you can table of time zones, which can be found in any geographical Atlas on a mobile phone (if for some reason long distance calls with the impossible, then at least it can be used at least for these purposes) or visit
In almost any major city you can use the long distance services by dialing "07". However, each region may have their own nuances when entering the "long-distance", therefore it is useful to clarify the number, visit the website of the company "Rostelecom" on the Internet: If you can't get online, call the number "09" and address its request to the operator.
Dial the number to exit on "intercity" and wait for a response operator. Then, specify what locality you want to call and say the number you wish to dial. Wait until the operator connects you to the person or, on its instructions, put the phone down. When the party answers, you will be contacted and invited to the conversation.
In advance or after the call to discuss with the operator all the details of payment for intermountain negotiations. You can tell due to the callee (with his consent) or at their own expense, paying off a receipt for the negotiations.