You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
In the standby mode of your phone, dial the number 100 and click send challenge. Please note that this servicesand paid and when there is insufficient balance to make a call it will be available to you. The cost of providing the service, contact your operator by dialing 0611 or on the official website.
This room is also available for other mobile operators in Russia, the cost of the services are available on the official website or the subscription offices of your city. In order to know the number of this service in roaming or other countries, contact the operator.
Go to settings, date and time of your mobile device, and specify an automatic update of the system date. Please note that to do this, you must be configured Internet connection, the parameters of which you can obtain by calling the operator room 0611, or view them on the official website of the company. This feature is available mostly owners of phones with connectivity to the Internet technology gprs.
The details of your model of the mobile device update in the user manual of the phone and the cost of the service "Internet" - the official website of "Beeline", according to the parameters connected you plan.
Please note that for some phone models also available quick update time. This is done from the same menu set the date, except that there is an extra parameter run-time updates – "Update now". Usually this procedure takes place according to the schedule according to preset parameters and in the presence of this item in the setup menu time and date you can do this at any time convenient for you.