You will need
  • Passport, contract for services, cash payment services
Before you have subscriber Inbox, select a convenient post office. In some cases, it is preferable that the box was located in the office closest to your home. And sometimes it is better to use a post office located near your work location. The choice is yours, because when you open the po box check your place of residence does not matter.
Come on in the selected office and contact the customer care Department with a request to give you the documents necessary for registration services. Subject to availability of cells, the post office employee will give you the application form and the agreement which you have to fill in two copies.
Pay special attention to the contract for services for the subscription of the cell. It specify the surname, a name, a patronymic, passport number, date and place of issue. Enter in the appropriate row number of the cell, which will show you the employee of the post office.
In the relevant section of the contract enter the amount of the prepayment. The amount will depend on the period for which you contract, but may not be less than three months. Month of service box for individuals from 70 rubles (the amount may vary, depending on conditions).
Specify in the contract the details, including postal address and contact telephone number. Details of the company typically advance specified in the text of the Treaty. The contract number is not set, it will register the staff address after signing the document, the head of the post office.
Fill in the cashier of the post office the amount of advance payment and to present the check to the customer care Department. In exchange you get the key to the cell. Ask the postal worker in your presence to inspect the condition of the box and locking devices. Signed by the second party a copy of the contract you in a few days you will receive in your new subscription box.
Record index office of communications and the number of your po box. Now you can use this address for correspondence. Don't forget in advance to renew the contract, making the monthly fee.