You will need
  • - alcohol
  • - tincture of calendula
  • - iodine
  • - potassium permanganate
  • - baking soda
  • - sea salt
  • - aloe
  • - lemon
  • - vegetable oil
At the time of treatment corn discard the shoes, which was the root cause of this illness. Limit yourself to those shoes or boots that minimize the mechanical action on the affected place.
Do not pierce the watery corn! Such actions can cause infection and inflammation of the skin worse.
Alcohol-containing medications can help to treat a blister in the form of a bubble on the leg. Treat the affected area with alcohol, tincture of calendula or propolis. Suitable as iodine. You can handle watery corn with a strong solution of potassium permanganate.
Do softening bath with the education dry calluses. For this approach soda, coniferous concentrate or sea salt. Per litre of hot water is necessary to take 2 tbsp. of the selected component. Bath should be taken within 15 minutes, and then with a pumice stone to gently remove odarenny layer of calluses on the finger.
Put on a steamed skin bandage with aloe. The leaf and wash thoroughly in running water, then remove the film so that the surface was wet flesh. A piece of aloe put on the corn and bandage. Leave the bandage on overnight.
Lemon effectively treat a callus on the foot. After a warm softening bath make the dressing rind and pulp of lemon. Another option: blend lemon juice with onions, shredded in a blender. Gruel apply on a cotton swab, which put on the cornand bandage. Make a bandage for 3 nights in a row. Then remove the corn with pumice.
Lubricate dry corn warm vegetable oil or oil solution of vitamin E. Massage into the skin daily after washing your feet.
At the time of treatment if you wear shoes protect the corn with a band-aid can with a cotton swab to soften the load.