First of all it is necessary to make a hot bath with potassium permanganate or 2% solution of boric acid. Then carefully dry feet and callus sprinkle talcum powder oil or baby cream.
You can try vodka compress. Spread corn vodka, put bintovuju bandage, cover with plastic wrap, and foot wear woolen socks.
If the fingers formed calluses with fluid, then in any case do not puncture them - this can lead to infection! Lubricate the blister with green paint and wait until it subsides. If a blister has burst, it is necessary to process the surface of any liquid disinfectant (3% hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine), and then to isolate corn vintovoi bandage or band-aid.
If a blister on the fingers of old and dead skin, to get rid of it in the following way: take a hot bath with sea salt or cooking soda. After that, take a special knife to remove calluses, or a pumice stone and clean off scuff marks. Then treat the skin with a nourishing cream and put on cotton socks.
In pharmacies sell special plasters to remove calluses. If you prefer this method - be sure to try it.
To combat calluses on your fingers you can try and folk remedies. For example, bind to the affected area, the leaves of cabbage, roll up something warm and leave for the night. You can also try to lubricate the worn vegetable oil within a few days the corn will gradually soften and disappear.
With weeping or constantly inflamed blisters it is recommended to immediately consult the dermatologist.
To corn did not appear again, you need to invest in shoes silicone pads that will protect your toes from scuffs.
If blisters occur regularly, then you picked the wrong shoes. High heels, wrong Ushem as well as tight shoes contribute to the formation of calluses and cause deformation of the foot.