Cover the corn patch, if you're going to go somewhere, to dust on the wound. Buy special band-aid with antiseptic impregnation. During the time that you go, the patch will remove the pain and soften the corn. Arriving home, you can gently remove dead cells with a scrub or pumice.
Treat corn based ointment of salicylic acid. And lubricate only the affected area of the skin, and not the whole heel.
Apply to corn a piece of aloe leaf and leave it overnight. This herb has remarkable healing and drying properties.
Grate the onion or finely slice it, then apply the resulting slurry on the corn and bandage. Leave the onion overnight. Top can wear a sock to bow "run" with corn. This poultice will help to soften the corn, in the morning it can be removed.
Use prunes to combat the corn. Simmer the berries in milk and in turn apply them to the calluses. Keep the berry until it cools, then take the other hot one. Change the berries about half an hour.
Grate raw potatoes on a grater, resulting slurry was put on the corn. From above it is recommended to wear a plastic bag and tie the bandage. These packs can be done as in the morning and before bed.
Try to attach to corn lemon, but in any case not the flesh, as it will pinch, and lemon rind.
Lubricate the affected area tomato puree, helps many it was a way to get rid of calluses.
Make a special foot bath to steam and soften the corn. To prepare the tray: slide 2 tbsp. spoon of baking soda and olive oil, add 5 drops of chamomile oil (or 1st. a spoonful of chamomile). Poparte in such a bath your feet for 15 minutes, then lubricate the affected area healing ointment. After done procedure, you can stick a blister plaster.
Corn itself is not terrible, but in the end she may not be very pleasant. To prevent blisters, experts recommend to wear comfortable shoes.