You will need
  • Sol;
  • soda;
  • soap;
  • -pumice stone;
  • -moisturizer;
  • -sea buckthorn oil;
  • -plantain;
  • -aloe;
  • -garlic;
  • -onions;
  • -plastic film;
  • -lemon peel;
  • -propolis;
  • -potatoes.
Large selection of tools to deal with the corns is presented in pharmacies. First and foremost this cream and ointment, composed of benzoic and salicylic acid. Such funds have a softening effect. But we must use them carefully, if possible try to avoid contact with healthy skin.
If you have dry corns, the first step is to steam the skin. To do this, take a warm bath, add water, a little salt, soda and soap. Two to three liters of water you will need two or three teaspoons of salt and baking soda. Good lather hands or feet, especially the damaged area, put in water and keep them so for about 20 minutes. Then take the pumice stone and RUB it rough calluses. Rinse your feet (or hands) with cool water and wipe dry with a towel. After this procedure corn must be lubricated with a nourishing cream or sea buckthorn oil.
To relieve the pain will help the cold salt bath. In a liter of cold water add a tablespoon of salt and dip the solution was legs (hands) for half an hour. After which damaged areas of the skin apply a moisturizing cream or sea buckthorn oil.
If callus only formed and very sick, attach them to a plantain leaf or aloe (pre-cut it along).
To the rough skin at night you can put a little garlic slices or a paste of fried onions with salt. Such means are well heal not only corn, but other wounds and damage to the skin. If blisters formed on his feet, wrap with plastic wrap, then bandage and put on socks. In the morning rinse the skin with warm water, remove the softened callus with a pumice stone, disinfect and apply a moisturizing cream. Also can be applied to the calluses with lemon peel or a mixture of juice of onion, lemon, aloe and garlic.
Coarsened lubricate propolis. After a few treatments the skin will become soft, and the hardened tissue can be gently scrubbed with a pumice stone.
Well corn slurry from raw potatoes. Miss one potato through a fine grater, add a little salt and apply the mixture to the damaged parts, fix all of this with a bandage. Immediately before the procedure wet the skin, and the bandage make the night. Repeat the procedure until, until the corn is healed.