Well help daily warm soap-soda baths. After 15-20 minutes this procedure is necessary to carefully scrape the corn with a special grater for a pedicure, then wipe your feet and smear with a fat cream. In not too advanced cases these trays a few days to get rid of corns.

If the situation is a bit worse, apply corn plasters or special keratolytic agent. The patch contains salicylic acid, which softens the top layers of the skin and causes peeling, dry growths. To keep the plaster on corn followed by one or two days. Stick it better on a steamed after the bath the skin of the feet. If the first time the effect is insufficient, you can repeat the gluing of the patch several times.

Keratolytic liquid should be used with caution, strictly according to instructions, causing the fluid on her toes, without affecting the surrounding skin. The constituent acid will also cause a gradual exfoliation of the upper dead layers of skin in place of corn. You can go on the procedure of a hardware pedicure in a beauty salon. A special rotating nozzle will remove small dry corn if it is not too old and deep, in a single session.

Folk remedies have proven to be the bath infusion of Flaxseed. Cup of flax seeds pour a liter of boiling water, to insist hour. Preheating, if the infusion has time to cool down, soak your feet in a basin with lukewarm liquid for half an hour. Corn is softened, it can be easily removed. Good help and aloe leaf. Cut along a piece of sheet applying the fleshy side to the foot to secure the bandage and keep overnight. Morning dry corn is tender.

Effective and natural propolis. A piece of propolis have also overnight to attach to the toes, it is convenient to do a band-aid. You will need multiple sessions to the corn disappeared. A popular folk remedy for many skin problems onions soaked in vinegar. Half the bulbs need to hold a day in vinegar, and then separate the record and tie for a few hours to corn. This can be done twice a day for faster result.

The effect of all of the packs will be better if you do them after the evening is well attached baths and in the morning scrape razmyagchayuschiesya skin layers. In order to prevent the formation of calluses in the summer, it is necessary to carefully select shoes, avoiding rubbing the skin. Also every week should do the foot bath and at least once every two weeks pedicure. And the night is always to lubricate the foot cream. This will avoid unpleasant problems and keep smooth skin.