In the last few years is the most effective way of combating cancer remains chemotherapy. It is capable to cure not only the primary tumor but also metastasis, including distant. For each type of cancer has its own treatment regimens using various chemotherapeutic agents and their combinations. Lack of treatment is a large number of side effects, so this therapy is usually performed in a hospital under the supervision of experts. In most cases, in order to defeat the tumor and metastases, a single course of chemotherapy is not enough, so the patient must tune in to the complex and lengthy treatment. After study shows the lack of tumor nodes and the doctor says remission, there are additional courses of maintenance chemotherapy.
If metastases are located in areas accessible to the surgeon, offer the patient their radical removal. This type of treatment is suitable in the presence of large tumor foci. With the defeat of a large number of lymph nodes or bone marrow surgeons to not help. Very often in the presence of large metastases doctors perform preoperative chemotherapy. It helps to reduce malignant nodes and make the operation less traumatic for the patient.
Radiation therapy is used to treat primary tumors and metastases that cannot be surgically removed. This type of cancer is not as heavy to carry as chemotherapy. And the effect of treatment in some cases is even more pronounced.
Unconventional ways of fighting cancer and metastases is not less popular than the classic medicine. Herbal treatment and using various questionable methods sometimes, of course, gives the result. But it is not necessary to consider these methods as a priority. Patients who refuse traditional treatment difficult, often poorly done. Therefore, resort to herbal treatment and the various plots is possible only when classical medicine does not leave you a chance.