Buy a tincture of barberry. Take a teaspoon 3-4 times a day, preferably before meals. If you can't tolerate alcohol tincture, buy dry raw material of this plant at the pharmacy. Pour 2 tablespoons of herbs in 250 ml of boiling water, put in a water bath for 40 minutes. Then strain and, if necessary, add water until obtaining a volume of 200 ml. Take decoction of barberry 50 ml 4 times a day.
Pour 3 tablespoons of burdock root in 500 ml of boiling water. Capacity wrap a warm towel and leave for about 12 hours. Then take 100 ml 4-5 times a day. Burdock root helps in the treatment of various types of tumors, including cancerous tumors. Long-term treatment, the size of metastases is significantly reduced.
Take propolis in tincture form or in pure form. Break off a piece of propolis (approximately 8 g) and slowly chew, then swallow. Tincture drink a teaspoon 2-3 times a day.
Steep 2 tablespoons of celandine in 300 ml of boiling water (in a thermos), leave for a few hours. Take the infusion of the infusion of 30-50 ml 3 times a day. Be careful, the plant is poisonous, so do not increase the dosage – you'll be sick.
Grate on a fine grater red beet and press the juice. If you have a juicer – use it. Drink per day or about 2 cups of beet juice.
Eat cabbage in unlimited quantities or drink the juice. Suitable for both cabbage and cauliflower. Also batted sheets apply to the area of the liver for 2 hours. Procedure is carried out daily.
But against the background of national treatment do not forget about doctor's appointments, and then to defeat the disease will be easier. Follow the diet, drink plenty of green tea and pass courses-patient treatment. If you do not treat the disease, it will be lightning fast to develop, and the running stage of cancer of the liver is already incurable.