Be sure to fill in the questionnaire only in capital letters. The first line specifies a name.. If you changed the name, it must indicate on the second line is still a surname, a name, a patronymic, the registry office and the year in which he changed the name. For example: "IVANOVA ELENA IVANOVNA, the registry office of MOSCOW IN 2000". If the name is not changed, then write "name NOT CHANGED"
In the second paragraph to indicate the date of birth, month of birth to write full (01 MARCH 1983).
To fully specify the gender "MALE" or "FEMALE".
In the fourth paragraph be rewritten exactly as stated in your Russian passport.
To specify the details of your registration – code, city, street, house number, buildings, apartments. Here to specify the number home (required code) and cell phone. For example: "555222, MOSCOW, UL. LENIN, d. 3, KORP. 7, of.. 78, 8 (495) 333-22-11, 8-927-555-33-55.
In the following paragraph, indicate your citizenship – "the RUSSIAN FEDERATION". On the second line you need to specify the presence of the other nationality, if you are not, then you need to write "HAVE".
Next, write the serial number of the Russian passport, when and by whom issued. For example: 36 06, 50555, ISSUED MARCH 22, 2000 the DEPARTMENT of INTERNAL AFFAIRS of MOSCOW"
8 paragraph referred to "TEMPORARY VISITS abroad".
In the following paragraph you need to specify, you get a passport for the first time or for a used (or lost). For example: "PRIMARY" OR "INSTEAD of." If the passport was lost, you need to take help of loss, and in the column to indicate "INSTEAD of LOST".
10 paragraph write "was NOT", and through the line, indicate "NOT HAVE".
In the following paragraph, specified military duty. To fill the need for both men and women. Write "NOT INTENDED". Men under 27 years of age must have a military ID and a copy of it.
In paragraph 12, "NOT CONVICTED". If you had a criminal record, you need to provide proof of removal of a criminal record (taken in court).
13 paragraph you need to write "NOT SHY away".
In the following paragraph, to provide information about work in the last 10 years. In the first column the month and year of admission and dismissal. In the second position, and the name of the organization. In the third – a legal address and zip code. If you have not worked for more than three months, it is necessary to specify: month and year, in the second column write "TEMPORARILY NOT WORKING", AND the third address and zip code of residence. You also need to specify the place and time of study, if it is in the last 10 years of your life.
If you change used the passport, then in the next paragraph you need to specify its data. If you get first, place noise.