In order to change a passport, you need to collect a set of documents. First, it is a valid regular passport; second, a military ID or a certificate from the recruiting office. They will need men at the age from eighteen till twenty seven years in order to confirm that they passed military service in the army or relieved from it. The third is the permission to receive a passport from the command (only for officers and soldiers of the regular army). Fourth - a document confirming the legality of the name change, in that case, if a new passport is issued on this basis. Fifth - to document of the old sample - three pieces, for biometric - two). Images can be grayscale or colored. Importantly, the image was matte, in an oval with a feather.

In addition, be sure to complete and print out the form. You can download it from the official site of management of Federal migratory service of Russia Answer the questions honestly. The organization controlling the issue of passports, will still identify incorrect information, and the results will be denied. Don't forget to also pay a fee to document and present the receipt when applying to the territorial office of the FMS. The old passport is needed only in case if the validity period is not expired.

After gathering the required set of documents, go to the Office of the Federal migration service at the place of registration. The employee will check the authenticity of securities and send them to the relevant Department to validate the information. About a month after the first treatment a new passport will be ready.

Also to issue a new passport, you can use the portal You need to register on the website to fill in electronically the application form, send it to the FMS and wait for the invitation for the presentation of original documents.