To change passports you will need the following documents: photocopy of the passport of the Russian Federation. It confirms your citizenship, identity and the right to a passport. A copy must be made from each filled page of the passport. To have the original Russian passport is also necessary for the presentation, but the copy you give when applying. If the original passport you will not be a notary sign a copy before submitting the documents.
Application form in 2 copies. You can download it on the official website of FMS in the section "the international passport". For registration of the passport of the old sample can fill application form by hand in black pen without corrections and errors. But a biometric passport this form must be issued only on the computer in capital letters. Reassure the questionnaire at the last place of work or study. If you currently do not work or study, the questionnaire is not certified.
A copy of the work book, certified at the latest place of work. This can be done in the personnel Department, if this is not something the accountant. If you are not working – make a copy of the work, but does not assure it, and bringing along with it the original. The original of the work book you will immediately return when satisfied that the copy is correct. If you have never worked under labour, nothing will be charged. Seniors presenting a pension certificate, individual entrepreneurs – a copy of the certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur.
You need to make 4 pictures format 3,5 x 4,5 cm, made on matte paper for registration of the passport of the old sample or 2 pictures in the same format to get the document of the new sample. Photos can be both color and black-and-white, according to your desire. The photograph on the passport of the new sample need be done at the place of registration of the document.
Receipt of payment of state duty. Currently, the state duty for obtaining a passport of the old sample of 5 years is 1000 rubles, and the new with biometric data is issued for 10 years, 2,500 rubles.
Copy of the first page of the old passport. And the passport to certify the copy. And in case it is lost help from the police.
For men and 27 years old need a certificate from the military office in form 32, that he is given, served or unfit for service.