You will need
  • phone
  • - telephone directory
Contact uniform city referral service the city's telephone station. These services exist in all cities of the country. When you call the service number 09 or 118, the operator needs to provide the name and initials of the subscriber. If the person you are looking for, consented to the issuance of the rooms in a single database, then after a few seconds you will be known cherished numbers.
Contact pay help Desk in case if subscriber did not give consent to the dissemination of information about themselves. When you call there, you can call information for selection: the name of the desired person or his home address. Specialist calls up the call, and if he consents to the extension of its rooms, you will be given interesting information.
Buy new Handbook of urban subscribers, in which the index listed the names and phone numbers of all residents. Buying such a useful book, and searching for a while, you learn the number. But there is the possibility of namesakes.
Use the information posted on the Internet. With the development of Internet technology, in the global network appeared quite a lot of personal information of citizens. So by going to a search engine, you can enter the necessary name, in response, the system will give you many links. The probability that one of them will need the number of the phone is quite high but not guaranteed.
Go to the Internet site of the telephone exchange, which presumably is used by the subscriber. Now many companies offer online help on the pages of their online resources. In the specific field you enter the name and initials, and after some time the system displays the data of interest.
Ask for help to the police. Special services store information on citizens of Russia. For example, in the structure of the interior Ministry there is a special information center. If you know the security forces, it is possible to seek their assistance. But it is necessary to note that in the database entered by all citizens, but phone numbers or other personal information is recorded only in case if man ever, leaving it to the police.