Check out all of your notebooks: not recorded whether this phone on the page by the first letter of the surname of the subscriber or somewhere else. Check and record in your mobile phone, databases, folders and documents in computer. Maybe some document and contains the desired phone. However, if too many of them, you can and difficult finding, if it had not been optimized.
Buy telephone directory telephone subscribers of the city or region, where that person is. You can buy it in any kiosk "Rospechat". Open the index and find an article Handbook on the first letter of the surname of the person whose phone you want. Carefully read the article. Unless recently changed their place of residence and gave permission to use their contact data, you will certainly find his home number.
Purchase electronic databases, which can be bought on virtually any market. Start a database and enter in the form field the name of the subscriber. Select from the list. However, remember that while the lists of callers can be included and the so-called "hidden" numbers, the information can still be incomplete or outdated.
Refer to the help of the Internet using the free databases can be found on sites such as and Select the city that is home to the subscriber. Enter in the form field "Name" is the name of the person whose phone you are looking for and click "Search". After a moment, the screen will display the list of subscribers, after reviewing that you will be able to find your desired phone number and address of that person.
Remember that if you don't know at least the initials of this person, in order to find the "same" phone number was on the common last name, you will have to methodically call every namesakes on the list.