The next thing you should know before diving is that your body movements must be reduced to a minimum. Don't assume that if you're stronger than a flounder, sail faster, in that case you will float or even go down.
Swimming under wateryou should only do gentle movements, so as if to cut through the water with his hands. The legs should move smoothly and very quickly.
Very important role plays the condition of your body. Plunging under the water, you need to relax a little and then start to gradually move the limbs.
For the first lesson of swimming under water, the ideal option is the pool. There you will feel safe and can easily perform the following exercise for beginners.
Keep in mind that before you learn to swim under water, you have to learn how to dive. Otherwise you just complicate the task.
Go to the side and grasp it with one hand, then dive into the water. First learn how to move your feet and catch your breath. While diving, make six successive movements of the legs, and then can emerge. Further complicate the task, and do for 8-12 repetitions. After you learn how to work the feet, hold the rail, put his hands exactly in front of him and prioritization breed them in hand, as if you want to push the wave. To start, perform 6 movements of the hands. Gradually increasing the amount of exercise you will achieve what you wanted.