You will need
  • Bath with comfort for baby water.
A newborn baby is wonderful to swim and hold your breath on a reflex level. But after two or three months, this skill is lost. Therefore, it is necessary to restore and develop. But the baby was not afraid, try to do water therapy interesting.
Learning to swim and dive toddler should be only after proper healing of the navel. Typically, this period lasts two to three weeks.
Before preparing the baby to water procedures preheat it, making massage and perform little exercises. Children under three months of fairly light strokes, older kids can add rubbing. The massage is performed throughout the body. To do this, lightly Pat and RUB the baby the breast, belly, intercostal muscles. The nipple area and not to the heart!
Movements during the massage must be non-separable. Stroke clockwise tummy, these exercises are beneficial to the intestines. Gently massage arms and legs. In five to seven minutes can go to the water classes.
Before diving, you must teach your baby to hold his breath. Up to three months, yet the reflex is lost, it is easy. Lightly blow to a child on the face. Usually, while the kids themselves are holding their breath. The child must understand the meaning of the word "dive". So after several "eights" (this is one of the first of the existing skills of the newborn) while swimming in the bath say: "Dive!" and blow on the baby. Repeat this exercise two to three times.
When the baby learns that after the word "dive" you need to hold your breath, start by lightly sprinkle and wash the child with water. If you see that child, such procedures do not like, do not insist, put them on time. And later repeat.
When baby gets used to sbryzgivaem and washing, about a week after the first exercise, with one hand, hold the chin of the baby, and the other to scoop out the water with his hand, say "dive" and pour to the child on the face. Often do this exercise. When you make sure that the child has learned to hold his breath, and not just to blink, you can move on to the next stage.
While bathing, run three or four "eight", say "dive" and pour water baby. The child must recall that you need to hold your breath. Then make another two or three "eight", say "dive" and abruptly, literally a fraction of a second, lower baby into the water. Then again swim. For the first time just one or two dives.
Then gradually encourage your child to be under water for 1-2 seconds. Alternate swimming with diving. But be careful: otherwise the child can swallow the water and then hunt for swimming can permanently abyss.
If the baby does not want to swim, don't insist. Try another time. Remember: everything should be in moderation.