It turns out that swimming from birth just need the kids, as this runs the natural reflexes of the body, so the brain starts to work hard. In later life it is very good impact on the intellectual abilities of the child and his physical health. Cold and contrast water procedures excellent coaching nervous and immune system of the child.
How to teach babies to swim? The kids start not earlier than in half an hour after feeding. In front of this child good warm up with a massage from the reflex exercise. Child's raise, putting his index fingers in his handle, make his legs, alternately tighten the knees of the baby to the elbows. The head of the baby should not warp.
After training transferred to swimming. You can carry out two kinds of water treatments – is diving in cold water (the baby would swim under water) and swimming in the warm water.
Why doctors recommend cold water? Because after the cold water strengthens the mucous membranes, therefore improving the child's vision. And warm water mucous a negative effect. In addition, the cold water hardens the child's body.
When swimming in cold water bath filled with water with a temperature of 15-17°C. the Baby is lowered into the water, holding by the armpits. After the baby's legs touches the water, the baby reflex is delayed breathing, so it can be lowered into the water horizontally face down. After a second or two the baby will start to swim. According to another method of the child conducted under water.
Before diving he needs to say, "now we dive". Even newly born baby understands his mother's words. Under water baby can swim about 5 seconds.
If the swim is held in warm water or in front of the diving kid was distracted or relaxed game, before diving to the baby you need to splash a little water on the face to trigger the reflex, and the child had to hold his breath and not frightened, sipping water.
Diving in warm water alternated with swimming. One hand kept at the chin of the baby, the second – on the back of his head. You can move baby through the water on the back and then flip over on his tummy. In the first months of life the child can't swim more than 15 minutes.
After a swim the baby out of the water, wipe and wrap up warm. The child should be allowed to breath and recover, and then to feed, if he got hungry.