You will need
  • - pool;
  • - the sea;
  • - form for swimming.
Make sure yourself that the water holds you on the surface. Of course, you will have the hairstyle you put a bit of damper. Go into the water at chest level (you can even a little less). Type of air into the lungs and dive into the water head first. Then hands grasp the bent leg and, finally, tear off the bottom! It anywhere you are not going anywhere. You will feel like you are pushing up. Then go back to the original position. Do this exercise until, until you're more confident.
Be aware of the fact that your legs are heavier than water. By definition, they tend to down. Here's what you need to do: go to the chest in the water and turn around to face the shore. With a head dive into the water. Then sharp movement push off from the place you are standing on, sending the body up and forward. During this exercise, the feet and body should be straight, hands – at the seams, and you yourself are relaxed to the maximum. Soon you will notice that the body will tend to the vertical position.
Understand that the speed of movement in water depends on your feet. Also learn without stress and fear to move through the water. Follow the previous exercise, but with the addition of footwork. Do not get too much pounding on the surface of the water because you will lose a lot of energy. Work the legs evenly. Try to move as quickly as possible, spending less energy. All of the above techniques will help you master swimming, while spending less time than in a conventional section of the voyage.
Constant practice. Sign up in the pool with the "short water". At first, you will need to practice these exercises and in the pool at 25 meters. Look at how others swim, and take their first steps in this matter. Now that you are no longer haunted by fear that you can drown, just swim as often as possible!