First we need to learn deep relaxed breathing. It should be slow, filled with light and fresh air to the limit. Another very important part is the exhale, which is also slowly and quietly push the used air out. Don't be lazy and work out, it just seems easy: breathing described above. It really is a highly effective exercise that is desirable to be done every day in order to develop a habit.
Also be aware that while under water it is necessary to pause after a breath. But in any case don't hold your breath. The effect will be counterproductive. So why do you need this pause after the inhalation. All just for the enrichment of blood with oxygen.
In addition, under water is recommended to swim slowly so as not to provoke shortness of breath and increased oxygen consumption that you are trying to consume right. Try all your moves to make a smooth and moving at a pace that does not harm even breathing. Also, aim to decrease resistance with the water. Do not put in the extra outfit and swim smoothly, keeping the torso taut as an arrow and your hands let them merge with the body.
Paradoxically, but your normal breathing when submerged will help in good physical shape. Anyway, throughout the voyage you will overcome water resistance, and it is exhausting. So do not neglect the home maintaining physical fitness or go to the gym. Regular exercise will strengthen your endurance and help you last longer keep up with the rhythm of the breath.
And finally, do not freeze. It is known that the cooling of man under the water spends more air, because this valuable product starts to go to attract more oxygen. And he, in turn, is to generate additional energy. Are you thinking about? There is something. The question price – an extra 20% of air from your scuba cylinder.
Now you have valuable recommendations and, certainly, take the time to test them. Dive and feel like a fish in water!