To learn to swim better in the pool, its very small place. There is no possibility to use the pool? Use of small ponds, backwaters of rivers with a quiet current and a clean bottom. The water temperature should be comfortable for the body and not cause seizures. Ask to insure you of a man who knows how to swim and is able to provide first aid. The first time training use a safety means of the safety belt or circle. Long hair braid his hair blond or get in a swimming cap.
Take the rubber circle, ball, foam or wooden plank. Put in terms of hand, pull on the water and start to work alternating feet up and down. Try not to create a large amount of spray. So swim for five minutes.
After you get a little used to the water, learn to relax and free to stay on the surface. You may need goggles and a nose clip. Glasses allows you to see under water, and pin protects against the ingress of water into the nose. Stand so that the water was to his chest. Hold your breath and sit down in the water. Hands grasp your knees and try to relax. You should float up as float. Repeat several 3-6 times. Then when you add the float to the pulling of the hands and feet.
He learned to float on water? Master the slide. Palm connect in front of you, elbows on your torso. A little sit down and, pushing down, pull on the water. Hands straighten. Try to swim this way as far as possible. The pool is more convenient to push off the wall. Do 8 times. Then add to the slide footwork up and down as in exercise life preserver.
When you begin to steadily swim "ax", move on to learning the different types of swimming – dog, back crawl, breaststroke, or butterfly. If possible, contact the instructor in swimming. With it, your learning progress will go faster.