You will need
  • In order to decode the radio, you must have access to the Internet and know the model, manufacturer and serial number of the radio.
There are several variants of decoding. Here is one of the most simple: you just need priezjat to the dealer and he will tell you the code. However you need to remember that free to do it, no one will. After all, your receiver will need to remove and install back. But for this procedure also will have to pay. For the average cars similar to the operation of the decoding will cost about 3000 rubles.
There is an alternative way. It is also cheaper. Try to decode the car yourself. Almost all foreign car mounts are the same. Independently remove the top cap, then Unscrew the top screws. Then do the same thing with the bottom cover and screws.
Now comes the most crucial moment. Need to pull the radio without disconnecting the wire. Try to find her serial number. Rewrite it on a piece of paper. Specify the model of your radio and its manufacturer.
Then online have to find a calculator designed specifically for this model radio. Enter your serial number. The program in online mode will calculate you the lost code.
Now is just to enter in the radio code this. Again, you can listen to your favorite music. In this method, it is noteworthy that in the removal and installation of radio, and to search for a calculator online at the time will take only about 40 minutes. In addition, you will save a few thousand.