When worms puts an accurate diagnosis, directs analysis and is the treatment plan, the doctor-parasitologist. This specialist can direct the local doctor-the therapist in identifying diseases caused by parasites, or if the patient has complaints that are suspicious in regards to the presence of parasites in the body.
At the first appointment the doctor listens to all complaints, asks about lifestyle, chronic diseases, intolerance to certain medications and foods, the animals, the sanitary situation at home and working condition. Important will be information about the recently visited countries and regions, and also situations that could lead to infestation.
Next, the doctor performed an inspection, assigned additional methods of diagnosis and selected treatment. Additionally, the doctor-parasitologist may order the following tests: General and biochemical blood analysis, blood smear and bone marrow smear of the contents of the lymph nodes, stool test, ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity. Also your doctor may refer you for x-rays and a biopsy suspicious for the presence of worms sites.
Infectious disease physician - another specialist that should be visited when the body of worms. This doctor deals with the diagnosis, treatment and study of the causes of infectious diseases. Infectious disease widely studying intestinal infections, infections of the respiratory tract, blood and skin.
On receiving an infectious disease physician listens to patient complaints, studies his history and identifies possible causes of infection. It can be contact with an infected person, poor personal hygiene, eating contaminated food and water or a trip to a zone with adverse sanitary situation. After gathering information, the doctor will conduct inspection and examination of the patient. In most cases, is assigned to the delivery of additional analyzes. When choosing treatment, the doctor relies on the lifestyle, the family environment and on the job the patient, gives advice on nutrition and prevention of this disease.
The tasks of modern medical parazitologiia includes the study of the physical structure of parasites, a clear definition of the relationship of the parasite was found to a certain type and group study of the harm to the host organism, the establishment of preventive measures and the destruction of helminthic infestations. To prevention in the first place, is careful observance of measures of personal hygiene. This is especially true of children, they are most often exposed to parasitic diseases because of lack of hygiene. You should carefully monitor your Pets and to regularly check them for worms. Eating is permitted only washed fruits and vegetables.