To do this, in kindergartens, schools make the corners health. The objective of these corners - from an early age to accustom children to a healthy lifestyle to inform about the diseases and prevention measures.
Certain standards for the registration of no. Therefore, exercise their imagination and ingenuity, but try to keep the area combined with the interior room, the room where it will be located, enter it in harmony.
Consider its information content. When picking materials, consider the age of the children. Try to regularly update and Supplement the material. Involve them in design.
What material to include? Place the information on strengthening of health, hygiene, material about unhealthy habits and their influence on the human body, why we need vitamins and hardening. You can include an article about the protection of health from the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the schedule of duty of children. Not interfere with material on the prevention of injuries in children.
Use the hanging pockets for handouts and information, which changes frequently. We recommend you to consider the placement of children's drawings, writings, place the end of the competition and advice to parents about nutrition, rules of the road, preparing for exams, psychological advice, etc.
If area health designed for younger children, make it more colorful, include game highlights, fabulous or fictitious characters. Well if your stand will be clear and will have a lot of different posters.
A well-designed area of health will be able to convey to children and their parents information about the most simple rules to maintain its health.