Make a stand together with the students. Teach them to share creativity. It will further unite your team. Spread the work: who will be responsible for gathering material and who bought it. Decide also who will prepare interesting questions for the quiz.
Come up with an interesting name for a stand. If the class has a name or the motto, record this information at the top.
Next, discuss with the class what sections you think are important and start gathering material.
Of course, the stand should be the presentation of the classroom group. This can be done by gluing pictures of the children and signing them.
Complete the rubric on the assignments in class. Specify in it, who is the headman, who is a PE teacher, etc., Place and schedule.
Display the students ' life. List the activities undertaken: meeting with the veteran, conducting class hours for the elementary school, review system bearing and songs etc. If you have received certificates or letters of thanks for active participation, be sure to place them on the stand. It is also advisable to glue the photos from these events.
Post the list with the subject of classroom hours. Also, you can prepare questions or entertaining tasks.
Ask the teacher of Russian language and literature to prepare a list of books recommended for reading to children of a certain age. Place them on the stand.
Definitely need to post lists of birthday and greetings wishes. Someone from classmates, compose poetry, can make the greeting in verse form.
Plan also a section for parents, after all, a cool team - children, teachers and parents. In addition, it will allow you to establish good relations. Post there the necessary for them information: recommendations of the psychologist and the class teacher, addresses of organizations and a list of documents, for example, to obtain permits to camp.
Information on the stand must be regularly updated.