You will need
  • sports equipment;
  • - soft mats;
  • - trampoline;
  • colorful albums on sport;
  • massage mats;
  • - music;
  • masks of fairy tale characters;
  • scripts sports games integrated with fairy tales
Making sports area in the children's garden, consider the age characteristics of a particular category of students. Children aged two to four years have a constant need for movement. They need to put adequate space and fill it with a variety of sporting equipment.
Purchase toys, hard and soft balls of different sizes, slides, walking, etc. At younger preschool age children are still not eager to obey any gaming scenarios and use items in accordance with their impulsive desires.
Combine sports activities with role-playing games. To do this, prepare masks of cartoon characters, think about action script. On the floor lay a sufficient number of soft mats, so kids don't get hurt in case of accidental drops.
In the middle group in the sports area add skipping ropes and hoops, wall ladder, a trampoline and a different set for outdoor games (e.g., bowling). Create colorful informative photo albums of various sports. All also go to various games with participation of fantastic characters, adapted to sports.
In the older group in the organization of sports area include elements of fitness and aerobics. Get a special individual mats for each child. For boys add a special children's equipment dumbbells and other "power" machines. Cultivate children the ability to act according to set rules, make colorful descriptions of some of the games with a clear picture of each stage.
Teach your children not only to muscle training, but also to the healing effects on the reflex zones of the body, for example - on foot. Buy or make together with children and their parents special massage mats (you can sew on a cloth buttons of various shapes and sizes or come up with something else).