To arrange cool the area not so easy. It is painstaking work, requiring intelligent approach. You need to consider many things.
Cool area allows the teacher to inform students of any new requirements, education or planned work in the team. Therefore, a place for "Information window" should be mandatory.
Divide the "Information window" into several sections according to time intervals. For example, you can schedule the heading "Today", "weekly", "quarter". The guys will be able to plan ahead for school events.
Constantly update the information in the "Information window".
A cool area will also help you to plan the conduct of educational work in the team. Allocate space for information material about friendship in class, about the rules of behavior in school. You can call this column "code of the pupil".
If among the students there are the guys who write articles or poetry, ask them to write, for example, about the latest event in the class.
Fill in the column "Our life", where children will be able to leave comments or suggestions for extra-curricular activities of the team.
Think of and write down the motto together with the guys. It will promote development of creativity of pupils.
If children help the veteran, conduct meetings,gather information about the realities of war, plan a place under the column "Our veteran".
Under the heading "Achievements of the class" place rewards children for their participation in sports competitions, Olympiads, contests and conferences.
As an excellent team is not only children and teacher, but also parents must be a place for the heading "Information for parents". There you can put the schedule and topics for parent meetings, time of holding individual conversations with a psychologist, doctor, teacher, or speech therapist. Do not forget to specify the there phones and addresses of departments dealing with children.
In a classy area necessarily needs to regularly receive information about birthday wishes and greetings.
The registration of a class of the area must be appropriate and aesthetic.