First of all, you need to decide how you will arrange the stands: on the subject of a specific subject either with a view to an audience that is engaged in the study (e.g., younger students).
If it stands, where it will be fed information on a particular subject, ask the relevant teacher to prepare the necessary and, in his view, the interesting information stands. Information must be useful to the teacher during the lessons, because the stands are a kind of visual aid.
The main decoration of stands will be drawings and inscriptions. Some of them can prepare professional artists. Please note that stands are made with an eye on long-term use, so it is important to think about everything to and from the point of view of style, available at the information stands, they were modern and cute.
On the stand dedicated to relevant subjects, it is possible to provide a place for a permanent mini-exhibitions of the best works of students.
Some of the information on the stands can be changed periodically. To do this, stick to the booths with special "pockets" which can be made of ordinary files. They will insert the paper with the printed material.
The information on the boards in any case should not be monotonous. Try to come up with headings that will interest students. For example, it can be heading "Interesting facts", "Inexplicable, but fact", "some numbers". Well, if part of information will be a little bit of humor.
Please note that the stands need to make, given the pupils ' activity. Because the paint is better to use water-resistant, and the material for booths to choose to wash and clean them is easy.
You can also order stands in firms of a certain profile, which gives you a ready-made boards, in accordance with your wishes. Such stands easily add information on a separate printed sheets.