Different dogs require different amounts of walking. One dog feels, going outside twice a day, others you can walk five times, and he can still Poo at home. However, it is possible that your dog are not satisfied with the amount of walking. Try to walk with your pet two times a day, and three, try during the lunch break to run home and bring out the animal at least five minutes. Take the dog for a while as soon as get home from work, and then again in the evening.
Urinating the house, the dog thus can attract your attention. Perhaps she feels that you spend at home not enough time and not enough talking to her, or she doesn't like that at nights you lock yourself in the bedroom, and she is forced to sit in the hallway. Give the animal more attention, play and talk to him.
If the dog refuses to go to the toilet on the street, but on arrival home makes a huge puddle, just walk with him a little longer. Very far from the house and walk up until his bladder will not stand and the dog will have to urinate on the street. Do not forget to give the dog the treat and praise her. It will be useful to walk in the company of other dogs. Dogs are pack animals. Seeing that the other dogs from your company labeled trees, your pet may not be able to stay in the side.
Engage in the education of your dog. If you've never taught the animal to obey you, it is not going to obey you now and will continue to shit where he pleases. Enroll in General course of training - usually this is enough.
Many owners whose dog urinated at home, helped neutering their Pets.
If despite all your efforts, the dog continues to go to the toilet at home, show it to your vet. Therefore, you may manifest a number of diseases. If the physical condition of the dog is all right, contact the proper animal psychology, which I will try to figure out what makes Poo at home your dog.