You will need
  • A special cat house or cardboard box (recycle bin), lined inside with a soft cloth; Catnip; electric heating pad.
Prepare for sleep kitten alternative the bed, using the at least a cardboard box or basket. The inner walls of this "cat small bedrooms" put out or upholster with felt or foam, and at the bottom lay a piece of soft tissue. The ideal solution is a special cat house.
как сделать чтобы щенок спал ночью
Put the box or basket on the platform so that the kitten felt safe there. It would be nice if possible to hang this sleeping place of your pet so that it swayed – some cats like it.
как приучить щенка к лежанке
Remember that bed kitten must be dry, quite soft and comfortable. Arrange it in a secluded corner, near the battery, especially in winter. Maybe the cat just freezes the kid alone, and therefore jumps into the bed of the owners. In the cold season from one side of the basket or cat house put the heating pad. Just do not place it on the bottom of the bed, because then the kitten will not be able to choose the appropriate temperature.
как приучить котенка спать по ночам
Let the kid alone to look for a place to sleep, because cats find their right place, surveying the entire territory of residence. Do not be surprised if this place would be a bathroom or kitchen for "Mouser" is quite normal. Let him choose a comfortable and secluded area, the main ensure that it was not prohibited for its location place. And after you can already swap back cat bed.
миска для кошек своими руками
Treat litter Catnip to make it more attractive for small pet.
как привыкнуть к кошке