Advice 1: How to write a feature on the teenager

Often teachers and parents find it difficult in writing the characteristics on the child, I don't know where to start, what to write in detail, but it is better not to mention. Regardless of where you want the feature, it has a clear structure on which to build.
How to write a feature on the teenager
You will need
  • A blank sheet of paper, a pen, because specifications written by hand or printed, but always sign it personally.
Initially, characteristics are described by statistics on teen: surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, place of residence.
It is important to describe the living conditions: - living conditions (house, apartment, having a separate room, a yard for walking)- cultural conditions (the presence in the house of books, sports equipment, musical instruments, animals, plants, workshop of interest).-cultural and hygienic conditions of the house and yard.
Physical development and condition of the teenager. Health: indicate if you have a chronic illness. The attitude to sport, training and a healthy lifestyle.
The attitude of the family to school teenager. Can describe methods of controlling the result and the process of learning, methods of encouragement for good study, the degree of involvement of each family member , their assistance in the learning process of a teenager. And also you can describe the attitude of parents to extra-curricular activities of the child: an interested, encouraging, indifferent, etc.
Hobbies teen: communication, work, study, reading, watching TV, computer, music, art, sports equipment, caring for animals, plants, sports or something else. Relation to youth subcultures.
As a teenager asserting itself in the team: a good education, public work, their Hobbies, friendship, fun character, or, conversely, by force, threats or bribery of peers.
Is there a friends of a teenager. You know adult friends of your child and how to treat them.
Are there bad habits have a teenager and how he fights with them. Who helps him in this.
Attitude to work in school and at home: helping the parents at home (or in the country), participating in school employment events. Is encouraged in the family earning money as a teenager. Attitude towards money, things.
To finish the feature can be listing distinct manifestations of personality of a teenager: hobby, Hobbies, traits, relationships – all that, in your opinion, is the portrait of his personality.
Feature in its full presentation needs to represent the socio-psychological portrait of personality of a teenager. The most important thing is the core of the individual, may be specified at the beginning of the specifications, and all other sections will only explain or Supplement those already made in the beginning.
Useful advice
Depending on who writes the feature, where it will be presented, some sections can not be described, and some deployed more than suggested.
Sections can be interchanged if this will fit your logic of presentation.

Advice 2: How to write a feature family

In today's world, the society began to deal with social threat situations that confronted him with the necessity of establishing a social regulatory bodies, whose task is to solve social problems. The first source is the creation of the characteristics of the familyas the root of most social problems. This article will help you in drawing up your own family.
How to write a feature family
In order to correctly write the characteristics of the family, you must perform the following steps. The first is to specify the personal data of all members of the family. For example: mother – Olga V., age – 35 years education - secondary (trading.) Daughter Olga O., age 15 years, education in school.
You should continue to specify the structure of the family, which includes the following features: hidden/open, the absence/presence of male role beginning, the function of protection, spiritual, recreational and leisure functions. It is also necessary to consider the moral stability within the family.
The next step is to psychological work and psychological climate in the family. In these conditions reveals the temperament type of perception and orientation of each member of the family, her positive and negative traits.
Next is the definition of the parent position. Describes the objectives of the family, identifies the problems of the family with indication of possible solutions. This stage is essential in the formation of the characteristics of the family.
At the completion characteristics, the important role played by the position of the child in the family. Identifies its goals, the degree of confidence in each member of the family, as well as the psychological state of the child.
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