You will need
  • The results of observation of the family, private conversations with a parent visit to the family.
  • The feedback of teachers on the parent - as far as he is attentive and responsible parenting.
  • The family law.
  • Additional materials about the styles of family education, social diagnosis of the family.
Write the header part of the performance. The word "feature" to write in capital letters on the center line. On the next line enter the full surname, name and patronymic described in the genitive case. Or determine the status of relationship and child's data (name, surname, school, class). The entire "hat" in the middle of the center row.
Write personal data of the parent – date of birth, place of residence, education, place of work.
The following paragraph give a characterization of the family situation: family composition, number of children and date of birth, social status of the family.
Specify, on the basis of the facts as a parent realizes their rights and responsibilities in relation to children, such as communication, education, protection and interests of the child, creating a child environment for education and development. Describe how in the process of realization of parental responsibilities, the parent follows the ban on infliction of harm to physical and mental health of children, their moral development, unworthy of circulation or exploitation of children.
Describe how is the style of parenting is democratic, permissive or authoritarian. Based on the observations of teachers, district, neighbors, or your own observations guide, find out how often a parent spends time with the children escorted to school whether (if relevant), pays any attention to the academic success, whether at PTA meetings, worry for the missing child.
Based on the appearance of children, cleanliness, manners, interests, determine the attentiveness of the parents to the children. Based on discussions with the parentmi, visiting families and observing a pair of parent-child draw conclusions about the educational potential of the family (parents) and family relationships.
In the end, mark the moral and other personal qualities of parents, influencing the process of education that facilitate or hinder successful parenting. If necessary, specify the occupation of the parent, the mode of its operation and how they affect the implementation of parental rights and responsibilities.
At the end of data specify the purpose of its composition, i.e. the place in which it will be provided by using the phrase "feature designed to provide...". Reassure her the necessary signatures – managers, social workers or others. it is Also recommended to do the feature in two copies.