As for men and for women will suit the following recommendations: eliminate from the diet alcohol and caffeinated products, drink more water, give up sweets and meats. But this is only a small first step.
Excess fat can be removed with the help of physical exercises and special diets. One without the other is impossible. Don't limit food, sitting on a low-calorie or low-carb diet, then with the "fat will go and muscle. As soon as you return to normal diet, weight will not be slow to return, and since the muscles will now be less fat and will take their place. Of course, not the result you want.
If you decide to build muscle on the whole body, simultaneously removing excess fat from thighs, replacing it with toned muscles, resort to force exercises, start weight training with the expectation set total mass (by the way, that's what you'll need reinforced, high-protein food). Pay more attention to the arms and torso. In this case you gain as muscle and fat mass, but the upper body muscle gains will be greater.
Then gradually reduce caloric intake (not from protein!), entering into its program of aerobic exercise. This will allow you to lose maximum fat and minimum muscle. In the end, the hip is not reduced, but visually narrows due to the broader shoulders and torso and toned muscles. This option is rather preferred for men; women, it is important that the number of lost inches, but do not want to have bulging muscles of the hips, fit another way.
Decide how you want to do at home or in the gym. If you have decided to do fitness, your coach will help you develop a program aimed at reducing the volume of the thighs, tailored to your wishes.
If you plan to work on yourself from the comfort of home, it offers simple but effective exercises that will require you to have one – not to be lazy and not to miss "training".
Do leg swings by standing. The exercise should be repeated 15 times for each leg. In doing so, ensure the knees are straightened, and the nose is drawn.
Take a gymnastic Hoop. Suitable as a special hulahoop and traditional metal. Rotate it on the thighs for 3-5 minutes every day.
Take a small exercise ball. Hold it between your knees and squeeze it, holding this position for 3-5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times.
Independent work not less effective than instructor-led, but requires more will and time.