Note that the fit of the jacketand the figure – work is very painstaking and careful.
All you'll need is actually a jacket, pins and a sewing machine.
You first need to unpick the shoulder pads. If the jacket is lined, strut side seam sleeves padding of about 20 cm It will give the opportunity to get under the lining itself.
Next, you must determine the new position of the shoulder pad. To do this, set it on the shoulder so that the thick part was about 1 cm beyond the shoulder. Then raise the top part so that it fits the shoulder. This operation is desirable to perform together with his assistants, to make all operations will be difficult. Pin the top part of the sleeve with pins to the shoulder seam and make sure it is seated in place.
Then, pin the crown to the front and the back jacketand in a few places, this creates a new line openings.
Then try a new sleeve and make sure it fits. The excess tissue take in the side seam.
You can then set the Darts on the front and the back. If the fabric is plain, do it with maximum symmetry, variegated and colorful tissue irregularities are not as noticeable.
Then remove the jacket and on the reverse side with chalk mark a line new shoulder where she outlined the pins. After removing the pins, inside padding, mark with chalk the places where the sleeves are stitched at the sides and underarm. Note also the places where will be stitched tuck. Then fight back the sleeve, noting the highest upper and lowest points. Excess fabric on the front and the back cut, but leave a seam. Line the openings up to the armpits must be completely flat. If you need to remove the width of the sleeves, do it at this stage.
Then insert the sleeve back into the armhole and making sure the top part a little more openings, vsheyte sleeve. The pad install to a new location so that its thickest portion has performed for the line of sewing on sleeves. Then, the pad clip manually stitch - baste it to the seam of the protruding part of crown sleeves.
The last stage: attrocites tuck the intended lines. Remove the jacket on the face and otparit new seams with the iron. Then try on the jacket before the mirror. You need to make sure that it fits.Now you can sew up a ripped sleeve on a typewriter or a hidden seam by hand. The updated jacket is ready!