You will need
  • Jeans, a bucket or a big pan, rubber gloves, bleach, pegs/ropes/elastic bands
To start, determine whether you want to get an interesting geometric pattern on the jeans or just make them completely white. For the first option twist jeans, tie rubber bands or ropes, hold the clothes pins so, how will allow you your fantasy. If you close the second option, with jeans to do nothing, simply lower them into the solution.
Prepare the solution. For a simple bleaching of the pants, without constrictions, mix the water and bleach. Water should be two times more than bleach. Lower the jeans into the solution and leave them for half an hour. You can omit the jeans not completely, leaving the top edge blue. Related and twisted jeans you can put on the same solution, and can "cook" them by putting a bucket of solution on the plate. Immerse the jeans in the solution after boiling and watch for changes color. The minimum cooking time - 10-15 minutes.
Now jeans should be exempt from pegs and ropes (if they were), and then to wash and dry. Be sure to use rubber gloves! As a result you get a completely new look to your old pants, which the owners of expensive brand-name jeans may even envy.