You will need
  • Jeans, steam generator iron with steam function, blue, water.
In order to eliminate creases, the jeans need to steam. Well, if you have a home steamer. It is more powerful than any iron 2-3 times. It is a steam generator professional Ironing. If you do not have a special steam setting, use a regular iron with steam function.
Before Ironing pre-wash jeans. Put the Ironing Board and evenly spread her one leg. Fill the iron with water and set the steam function. Wait until the iron heats up to its maximum value. Denim fabric is very dense, so it is not burned. Walk with a hot iron in those places where there are creases. Hold the iron on the creases longer. After the iron sights bend straightened, and the creases go away for a while.
If in addition to creases on the jeans is frayed in many places, give things new life by painting it a blue. Note, blue is soluble and insoluble. For painting jeans you need instant blueprint. Indigo-Carmine, Prussian blue, Paris blue, soluble blue, aniline dyes: these substances can give jeans a beautiful color. Prepare solution blueprints in accordance with the instructions on the package. Substance must be dissolved in the pelvis with a certain amount of water. Ensure that the water was not clots.
In a ready solution put the jeans no less than two hours. Jeans should not look out of the basin, otherwise they will become uneven. If you want the jeans were very rich color, leave them in a bowl with methylene blue in the night. To secure the color on the jeans, rinsing them in water with vinegar. To do this, dissolve 5 tbsp. of vinegar in 10 litres of water. In addition, for fixing color can be added to the blue solution of 3 tablespoons of salt with slide.
After rinsing put jeans in the bath: they have to drain the water. Colored jeans don't squeeze, to curtail a tubule and so on. When the water has drained, hang them to dry in a well expanded condition. Then carefully iron the jeans and iron: from creases and scuffs will not be over.
If you can't remove the creases on the jeans, it's not a reason to throw the thing. After all, many manufacturers strive to portray on jeans faux creases. Therefore, we can safely treat certain imperfections, as a trendy detail. Let your jeans will be original and unique thing in the wardrobe!