You will need
  • - the washing machine;
  • powder that retains the color of the fabric.
You can go to the Studio, where changes in the size of your clothes will take an experienced master. He will take the necessary measurements and will reduce the thing on your figure. You have to spend some money, but you can be assured that the job will be done well, and your favorite blouse or jeans will not be irreversibly damaged. In addition, clothes made of certain fibers (lycra, acrylic or spandex) just cannot be reduced otherwise.
Reduce your favorite clothes are in the wash. Many Housewives are worried that things have not got, but now you will have it on hand. The easiest way to shrink cotton fabrics. You need to put the clothes in the machine and set the temperature to 60oC. Be sure to use the powder or the conditioner that restores the color of the fabric to hot wash thing not faded. After the cycle is complete, shirt or sundress will be your size.
If cotton thing new, there is an easier way to reduce it. Use a steam iron and carefully iron the clothes. The thing will sit.
Woolen clothes are also perfectly amenable to shrinkage. To reduce it, you better wash by hand in hot water and then rinse in cold. Throwing the sweater in the machine and putting the temperature to maximum, you risk getting a smaller size than you would like.
Many species of flax, especially without synthetic impurities, sit down in the wash. Put the thing in the machine and wash it in warm water. After that the size become smaller.
Similarly, should come with silk dresses, trousers and blouses. You need to wash them by hand and in warm water. But don't expect a Grand effect – reduced, but not by much.
Things made of polyester can be made smaller even when washed in cold water. Most importantly, after cleaning use machine drying. And then the clothes sit.