You will need
  • - black pants;
  • - paint for fabric;
  • water;
  • - ammonia;
  • the top coat color.
Purchase in store the dye for coloring black trousers. In order to choose the right dye, it is necessary to know which fibers made the fabric of your trousers. Dyes intended for cotton and linen fabrics can also be used for painting of products from a viscose fabrics, from natural silk and wool. However, wool has its special colors, and make better use of them.
Carefully read the instructions on the package of dye.
If you want to give more saturated color new pants, keep in mind that new things can be a layer of antistatic or other special-composition applied in the manufacture of the product. It can interfere with the painting of the unit. To remedy this it is enough to wash the pants in synthetic detergent, and if they are made of a thin fabric, experts recommend to soak them in solution of ammonia 50 grams of ammonia (25%) per 10 liters of water. After applying the detergent or ammonia solution thing should be thoroughly rinsed in water.
On the package of dye, you specify: how much should you take of the dye and how much water to dissolve. The amount of dye and water is recommended, based on the number of dry cloth. Therefore, the quality of the pants is important to pre-weigh.
After painting rinse the pants in a weak solution of vinegar or apply a special top coat color.
Press the pants, not unscrewing them. Dry