You will need
  • -bleach;
  • -Laundry soap;
  • -stain;
  • -dry cleaning
If things, which appeared faded spots white, that you can easily wash, just soak for 15-20 minutes in white. If colored, try to put them in a container with water and adding a stain remover for colored clothes. In the case where the thing of mixed colors, e.g. white and yellow, and a spot appeared on the yellow, then do so. Take a small clean cloth, soak it in white, and then slowly start scrubbing the stain. After each of these manipulations again wash things, and stains on them.
There is a way to get rid of faded spots. As soon as I get things out of the washing machine and found the catastrophe, immediately samila stains with household soap and leave a little lie down. After you put in a solution of washing powder is also a little lie down. And then wash it.
In some cases, folk craftsmen offer again to scroll through the streets in a washing machine at high temperature washing.
There is a special powder that is designed for these purposes. Sold, usually in special sections of large supermarkets or in hardware stores. If you decide to use it, remember that the powder is very poisonous, it has to work with it only in rubber gloves, otherwise you'll burn the skin.
If spot display does not work, you can try to get rid of them, repainted the thing. But this is possible only in case if your item was painted in one shade. Then you just need to select the paint of a similar color with that faded and dilute it with water. Then put this solution your victim's clothes.
If you yourself do not trust or do not know from what side to approach to the removal of faded spots, your out - dry cleaning. Take your damaged items to the professionals, and they will try to fix your trouble. Note, however, that it will cost you some money.