Advice 1: How to tea dye fabric

All the clothes and things even from expensive and high-quality material fade with time and lose its original color. Any kind of fabric can be dyed in the color you want at home. The simplest remedy for the staining is tea. Any mistress he is always available.
How to tea dye fabric
You will need
  • cloth;
  • pan;
  • water;
  • - black tea;
  • brush.
Take a big pot, or any container. Fill it with water, bring to a boil. In boiling water put a few tablespoons of black tea. You can use the bags (about 10 pieces). To make the solution, constantly stir it. The tea will filter through a sieve. If you are using tea bags, then catch them and throw. The water definitely add a bit of salt (1 teaspoon), that the paint was not peeled from the fabric. The solution is a little cool.
Take the fabric you want to paint. If it's clothes, then remove from the pockets of all things. Put it in water and simmer for one hour. Constantly stir the fabric to the paint it was applied evenly. If you take a hot solution of tea, then he will make the fabric more rich color and less hot will give a less pronounced tone.
When dry the fabric will lighten.
Remove the material from the solution, rinse first in warm and then cool water, until the liquid is transparent. A little squeeze, shake well. View to the fabric is all straightened out. Hang it to dry. After it all dried, ironed well iron.
To get the fabric effect of the stains, you can paint it with a brush. Brew strong black tea and apply the solution on the cloth wide flat brush. Draw any picture. That spot was brighter, Jesse, painted cloth small towel. Some of the liquid will be absorbed into it, and when dry, will surface of the fabric. Dry the cloth in the air, or use a Hairdryer.
You can put tea leaves, underneath a fabric will clean up. Make the effect of the stripes or squares. Cover different areas of tissue by adhesive tape, or apply pieces of paper.
Useful advice
When painting, use different brands of tea, they will make the fabric different shades and density of color.

Advice 2: How to dye clothes black

Black clothes, no matter what material it's made of, tends to fade, victoriathis and eventually to wither. And now your best shirt after a few washings became not black, but dark gray, for example, and to leave them so you do not want. To return to your favorite things the same, it is possible to self-color at home.
How to dye clothes black
Will buy in any store in your city or order online dye clothing black in color. See below tube enough for painting. For example, a skirt will take 300 g of paint, and on jeans - 600 g, but it is best to buy a stock. Typically producers of paints for things produce bottles with capacity from 500 to 750 g.
Thoroughly check your item for painting. It should be without stains or other chemical or mechanical damage. In any case, it can pre-wash, just do not use the conditioner.
Now turn the thing inside out, put it unfolded into the washing machine, and on top spread the paint. Then, set the desired temperature (look on the label). The clothes should be washed at a temperature of 30 degrees, usually successfully dyed at the same temperature. At the same time products which can be washed at a temperature of 40-95 degrees, the paint should be at a temperature not above 40 degrees. Now select the mode best suited for clothing that does not require special care, and start to erase all the cycles rinse and spin.
Then, to avoid further shedding again wash colored clothes in the washing machine at a maximum temperature allowable for this stuff (look on the label) and using this time washing powder.
Unfortunately, not all things can be restored using dyes. It is best to dye at home give fabrics made from natural fibers or synthetics, but not more than 50%. Other products made from polyamide, polyester or polyacrylate, it is better not to paint. Most likely, the dye is distributed unevenly, absorbed, and will soon shed.
Useful advice
When choosing paint for dyeing faded clothes, don't skimp. Try to purchase high-quality coloring tool to preserve color fastness of your clothing.
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