Advice 1: How to clean faded thing

Your faded thing would feel better if she will give to the dry cleaners, where will take into account the material from which it was manufactured, and recommendations for care. Often, however, want to save money and solve the problem himself. Just read and try to implement the following tips. But just keep in mind that if it's spoiled for a long time, or get rid of faded spots not allow material, then you are unlikely to get the thing in its original form.
If shed thing - an automatic washing machine and bleach to help you
Try to use any bleach if you have white thing. If previously bleached clothing is "White", now bleach the whole sea: choose to your taste. It can be almost all well-known Comet, Vanish, Ace, and others. By the way, it is best with this task cope oxygen (not chlorine) bleach the type of "Bare" and other.
If you shed coloured items, wash them immediately with generic bleach from Amway. With garment wash out not only faded the stains, but wine with synthetics, and even green with cotton things. This tool is suitable for colored and white linen.
There is also a special tool K2r called "Universal bleach accidentally painted things." One package is enough for 8-10 liters of water. With this tool you need to use clear instructions and constantly monitor the process. Do not leave soaked the thing for a long time. This bleach is also suitable for any clothes. If in doubt, try it on an inconspicuous and small area of faded things. Immersed in the solution, the thing will take a uniform gray color. As it should be. After a while the color will be restored.
You can try to use Antilen" that restores the color randomly painted stuff. The tool is supplied with a detailed manual.
At home if there is ammonia, you can get rid of faded spots on clothing and. Simply soak the damaged item in a hot aqueous solution of the ammonia. To do this, take a pot of hot water and pour it one-two bubbles of ammonia (50 g). The smell is unpleasant, but faded the paint over time will fade.
The last tool that you can recommend, it's color restorer Dr. Beckmann 3 in 1. The peculiarity of this tool is that it is a strong chemical and very toxic. Work with this tool only with gloves. Not interfere with protective eyewear.

Advice 2 : What about shedding things

Often colored or black and white things are fading. It depends not only on tissue composition but also the quality of the dye. Healthy Laundry lint things can help keep their appearance.
What about shedding things
You will need
  • — vinegar;
  • Sol;
  • — baking soda;
  • — turpentine;
  • — tobacco;
  • — swipe to capture unstable paint;
  • — special detergents for washing colored and fading things.
Before washing sort the coloreds. Especially should not be washed together, things yellow, orange and red hues with blue and green. Sometimes the thing sheds so much that you have to wash it separately from the rest. Black and white stuff should be washed alone.
Fix the color of new things with the help of pre-soaking for 1 hour in cold salted water (1 tbsp salt per 1 liter of water). To preserve the color of cotton fabrics will help soaking for 10 minutes in cold water with turpentine (1 tablespoon for 2 liters of water). Things then rinse and wash them in cool soapy water or in the washing machine at 30°C with special means for washing colored things.
Use when washing in the machine special zverolovlev napkins.
At the last rinse to keep the color use 9% vinegar for pink, blue and yellow things (1 tbsp. spoon on 1 l of water or 5 tablespoons to machines), for the bright red and blue fabrics — baking soda (1 teaspoon to 1 liter of water). Rinse the black things in the water, add a pinch of salt.
Black and white things and things with moulting parts (cuff, collar etc.) dry in a horizontal position on a towel.
Do not use for washing moulting products soda ash and detergents for washing and bleaching white things.

Not namasivaya-colored stuff, use for hand washing soap or foam.
Useful advice
To restore black and brown things use an infusion of tobacco. To do this, pour 1 liter of boiling water 15 g of tobacco leaves, allow to steep, add to the bowl with lukewarm water. Soak the black things in the resulting solution.

Things with the embroidery of colored threads, soak in cold salt water, wash them in soapy salted water at room temperature at final rinse add vinegar. Once dry iron embroidery on the reverse side.
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